Monday, March 2, 2009

Daily Male: Casey Affleck

Somewhat recently, on a sushi date with a dude, I veered away from my tried and true favourite, the Rainbow Roll and tried a Boston Roll. Delicious. Things with that dude quickly fizzled (seriously you don't watch Arrested Development or Seinfeld? Really?) but my love of the Boston roll remains. I definitely need to put more things from Boston in my mouth. Like today's Daily Male, Casey Affleck, for starters;

Casey Affleck likes pussycats.

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prettystar said...

Ok I understand why S.D. hasn't seen Arrested Development, I'll give him that, but fucking SEINFELD!?!!1!! What is the DEAL with that?

On a less ragey note, Boston is full of tasty treats. And these tasty treats are full of wisdom as well, because when I was feeling a little down this weekend my sister reminded of something important..."What would Donnie Wahlberg say to right now?". My response - "You're right. He would tell me that positivity is not about being soft. It's about being smaht. YOU SUCKA. Peace".

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